Empire Zoysia Sod

Help me re-sod my lawn!

Empire Zoysia Sod Ok here is the deal, I recently bought a bank owned property that had St. Augustine, as you know the chinch bugs and no water totally killed the grass. It was overrun with pests and weeds. I have been starting to round up the weeds, apply bifen for the pests and prepping for sod. However, Empire Zoysia is a pretty costly sod job. I need around 10,000 sq ft. I am saving and I am trying to use this site to also help.

My plan is to document, take pictures, create videos, and everything during the installation, care, and on going matienance. I have a feeling my coverage and information will help many more people with their Zoysia sod and grass. So all that I am asking for is donations, use this site to purchash sod/seeds/or services, or possibly even a sod or landscaping company that wants national exposure thru this site.

Email me to help feedback@zoysiaseeds.com

Features of ZoysiaSeeds.com. Mainly we will be covering Empire Zoysia, we are located in the south and this blend is quick gaining a lot of popularity. We will cover sections including Zoysia Grass, Zoysia Turf, Zoysia Care, Zoysia Fertilizer, and of course my quest to obtain Empire Zoysia Sod...