Empire Zoysia

An increasing popular grass option

Empire Zoysia Empire Zoysia grass has a nice blue green color with a blade width of 5mm - 7mm. Empire Zoysia has a soft feel to touch, but is also a very strong turf. Empire Zoysia has a very good fall color retention and spring greanup. Empire Zoysia will grow in Sand, Sandy, Loam, Clay and muck with no issues, and will still deep root. Empire Zoysia demonstrates excellent wear and recovery habits and can handle large amounts of foot traffic. Because Empire Zoysia is naturally chinch bug resistant it is rated in the excellent category for insect and disease control. One insect to watch out for is the mole cricket, but these insects are not as harmful to lawn as cinch bugs. Empire Zoysia has also been placed in the drought resistant category and is approved by the FGBC.

A Greener Grass... Empire Zoysia grass meets the Florida Green Building Coalition's "Green Building" standards. This allows Florida builders seeking "Green Home Certification" to specify Empire Zoysia and receive certifying points. You must verify that is is CERTIFIED Empire Zoysia. Empire Zoysia grass is the only Zoysia grass approved by the FGBC with a proven track record in the state. Empire Zoysia requires way less water than the St. Augustine Grass family..

Features of ZoysiaSeeds.com. Mainly we will be covering Empire Zoysia, we are located in the south and this blend is quick gaining a lot of popularity. We will cover sections including Zoysia Grass, Zoysia Turf, Zoysia Care, Zoysia Fertilizer, and of course my quest to obtain Empire Zoysia Sod...