Zoysia Fertilizer

Protect and Assist your Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Fertilizer Insecticides - While Zoysia doesn't attract chinch bugs St. Augustine, it still needs to be treated for insects. Make routine observations of the landscape, and be aware of seasonal pests like billbugs, armyworms and webworms.

Tips include:

  • Applying Bayer Advanced Lawn Season-Long Grub Control Ready-to-Spread Granules annually to control billbug larvae/grubs.
  • Control armyworms and webworms with Sevin, Orthene, Diazinon or Permethrin-based products.
  • Control billbugs with Sevin (adults), Talstar (adults), DeltaGuard (adults), Merit (larval/grub form), Mach2 (larval/grub form)


Perform soil tests to understand your soil type(s) and condition and best determine your specific fertility needs
Generally EMPIRE requires 3 fertilizer applications/year: spring, summer and fall
Make routine observations and fertilize according to what the landscape indicates
Understand what and how much fertilizer you are applying
Avoid disease and insect inducing growth flushes by reducing Nitrogen rates
Improve color and limit growth surges by utilizing Iron sources
Higher Nitrogen rates should only be applied in the spring, for injury recovery, or for planned "peaking" of EMPIRE
Apply balanced fertilizers with lower rates of Nitrogen in the summer and fall

Source: SOD Solutions

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