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Zoysia Seeds Our searching and research shows that it is tough to find large packages of Zoysia seeds (need to full yard seeding), we have seen smaller bags of seeds (usually up to 10 lbs), on Ebay, Craigslist, and online retailers. You could also check with some of your local home improvement or garden shops. Seeds would mainly be used for fill dead spots or trying to increase current coverage.

If you need to to repair Zoysia grass, you will be better of replacing it with sod. Seeding is tough and can up to 12 months.

Zoysia Seeds... Unfortunatley, seeding Zoysia is a lot tougher than other grasses such as Bahia, Bermuda, or St. Augustine. Zoysia develops a large thatch and deep root system, which takes while to create. You can purchase seeds but it will require a lot of hands no and consistent maintenance. I have seen seeds for sale in the following Zoysia blends: Zentih, Compadre, and Pennington.

Features of ZoysiaSeeds.com. Mainly we will be covering Empire Zoysia, we are located in the south and this blend is quick gaining a lot of popularity. We will cover sections including Zoysia Grass, Zoysia Turf, Zoysia Care, Zoysia Fertilizer, and of course my quest to obtain Empire Zoysia Sod...