Zoysia Turf

A strong and drought resistant turf

Zoysia Turf Zoysia Turf is really the only option when installing or upgrading to Zoysia Grass. Due to the deep root structure of Zoysia, the seeding process can take up to 12 months. Sodding is really your only option. It is also important to lay the Zoysia sod as quick as possible to prevent drying of the roots. Here are some tips when sodding:

Watering shall be performed daily or as often as necessary during the first week and in sufficient quantities to maintain moist soil to a depth of at least 4 inches (100 mm). Watering should be done during the heat of the day to prevent wilting.

The first mowing shall not be attempted until turf is firmly rooted and securely in place. Not more than 30 percent of the grass leaf shall be removed by the initial or subsequent mowings. It is important that your mower has sharp blades to prevent damaging your turf!

Turf should me mowed no less than .75 and up to 2 inches.

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